Why Does God Bless Us With Money?


So we’ve established that prosperity is a blessing from God, and it is the love of money – not money itself – that is the root of all evil.

Please know – there is only one gospel, the gospel of Jesus Christ. There isn’t a “prosperity gospel” or a “health and wealth gospel”.

The gospel – or Good News – of Jesus Christ is that everyone who believes in the Lord Jesus receives a complete and total payment for ALL their sins before God, and in exchange also receives permanent and perfect righteousness in Christ which allows them to come boldly to God, and as they keep receiving the abundance of grace and gift of righteousness, will REIGN IN LIFE over sin and all its power and effects.

It is a gospel of continuously receiving through believing. It is a gospel of grace and peace, that gives a full assurance of faith to all who believe. It is the gospel of truth that sets people free. 

The fruits of the gospel include healing, health, prosperity, provision, protection, rest and peace, miracles and breakthroughs – in all areas.

In truth, the prosperity is not just limited to the prospering of our finances – it covers prospering in our soul, prospering in our body, prospering in our marriage and relationships, prospering in our work and God-given talents, everything! 

Health and wealth is not the gospel. But there’s no denying that they are results of it.

Then comes the obvious question: Why does God bless His people with money? I can think of 3 main reasons.

First, to show what kind of God He is.

He is a rich God, and a practical God. He blessed fishermen with fish; He blessed the blind with sight; He blessed the lame to walk.

He is a lavish God, and an abundant God. When He blesses, He blesses in style.

He didn’t just bless the fishermen with enough fish; He gave them a net-breaking, boat-sinking catch. He didn’t just feed the 5,000 hungry crowd till they were full; He fed them until they were totally satisfied, with 12 baskets full left over.

He’s a God overflowing with grace and love, always over-supplying. He is the very Creator of all money and wealth, of all resources and riches, and it stands to reason that all of these would reside with Him. 

Second, to provoke others to jealousy to turn to Him as the true God.

When Isaac sowed in the land of the Philistines, it was during a time of famine. When he reaped a hundredfold, and started prospering until he became very prosperous, the Philistines could see that it was the Lord that had blessed Isaac and envied him. So much so that even though they chased Isaac off the land out of jealousy at first, they later made a covenant with him (Genesis 26:1-31).

When the Lord blessed Joseph as he worked as a slave in the house of the Egyptian captain of the guards Potiphar, everything that came under Joseph’s hand prospered. Potiphar, an Egyptian who served multiple gods of his own, could see that it was the Lord who blessed Joseph.

Today, when the Lord brings blessings and prosperity into our lives, it will not be missed by others around us. And one day, when they finally get curious enough to ask how is it that we are so blessed, we can point them to the source of our prosperity: our Lord Jesus Christ.  

Third, He blesses us to be a blessing.

This is the promise given by the Lord to Abraham:

“…I will bless you and make your name great; And you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” (Genesis 12:2-3)

In Christ, all of us are the seed of Abraham and share in this promise.

The Lord blesses us with prosperity and wealth not so that we can hoard it, but so that we can bless others. For the more we give away, the more comes into our hands. We are but a conduit for His grace and supply, to enjoy and spread His blessings around to others.    

The Lord Jesus is the source of all treasure: find the Source, and you’ll find the treasure.

For too long religion has tried to shut the lid on this, and de-linked God (the source) from the treasure. As a result, the world thinks that treasures and blessings like money are not from God and they go looking for it elsewhere. Religion has tried to put God high up, ethereal and unreachable in a tall white tower, a noble pursuit of only sincere, earnest, morally-seeking, and “spiritual” or “enlightened” people.

The people who do this could be truly sincere, not wanting others to approach God with the wrong motivations, to go after the treasure only and not the Source; on the other hand, not linking the treasure (promise of blessings) to the Source also provides a handy explanation in the event someone does not get their needs met or prayers answered by God. 

But with all due respect, God doesn’t need “protecting” by our puny logic. He may be full of grace and love, but it would be folly for us to think that He is in any way a fragile God. He is the Protector, not the one needing to be protected.

And He is well able and His wisdom far exceeds ours to protect His own gospel than we give Him credit for most of the time.

How does someone actually react when they realise they have met the Source of blessings, God Himself?

More than once, Jesus blessed fishermen with a net-breaking catch of fish, after they’d tried by their own efforts the whole night and caught nothing.

The first time, Peter had just met Jesus. When Peter saw the net-breaking, boat-sinking load of fish in his boat, he fell to his knees before Jesus, begging Jesus to depart from him, for he was a sinful man (Luke 5:1-11).

Peter didn’t see Jesus as a golden goose – what he saw was the very embodiment of power, wisdom, and majesty, and it was when he realised he was in the presence of Perfection Himself that Peter fell trembling in awe and reverence.

And it was a single stroke of grace from that majesty and power that brought a burly and coarse fisherman to his knees.

A touch of grace from the Lord changes people’s hearts.

Let us simply represent God as He is and the truths about Him as they are, accurately.

And then let us trust Him to show up and keep His word, as He inevitably does.

Because when we encounter Jesus, we encounter grace.

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