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Yep. You read that correctly. The above is a picture of a real woman at the age of 90.

No hoax. No sorcery. Sarah who?

Sarah was a woman whose story was recorded in the Bible*. She was the beloved wife of Abraham, who was unfortunately unable to bear him a child for decades after they had been married.

She wasn’t perfect. She made mistakes. Frustrated at her own barrenness, she got her husband to sleep with her maid to produce a child. Well, that turned out to be a whole lot of drama and grief.

So how do we know she was beautiful in her old age?

For one, TWO kings wanted her for themselves, once when she was 65, another when she was 90. And we know that all kings go for beautiful women – well, all men generally, but kings get to choose.

For another, the Bible records Sarah as being a woman “of beautiful appearance”. In fact, “very beautiful”. So beautiful that her husband Abraham begged her to say that they were brother and sister instead of husband and wife when they journeyed to those two kingdoms because he feared that the kings would kill him to take her otherwise.

Don’t worry, nothing untoward happened – God protected Sarah and restored her to Abraham both times.

Okay, so this was thousands of years ago. Four thousand years, give or take. I’ve heard some people say, things were different then. The food was different, the air was different, people lived till hundreds of years old, so maybe they’d still look like in their 20s when they were 90.

Well, Sarah lived till 127. Not so different from the oldest person who lived in recent times, Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment who lived from 1875 to 1997 and died 122 years of age.

And the likelihood of them being spring chickens at 90? Negatory. When God promised them a baby when Abraham was 99 and Sarah nearing 90, they laughed their heads off. For it says “Abraham and Sarah were old, well advanced in age; and Sarah had passed the age of childbearing”. Yup, way past menopause.

But that’s exactly what happened. Sarah became a mother at 90 to a baby Isaac, as God promised. And Jesus, whom we know walked on Earth, counts His genealogy back to this very Abraham and Isaac.

For sure, there were differences. There was no Botox, no Essence of Argan, no SK-II. This was even before the discovery of sunscreen and moisturizers. That Sarah’s youth was miraculously preserved and renewed throughout her life – this was all God.

When you do a random search of ‘Sarah Bible’ in Google Images, most pictures that turn up are of an elderly lady holding a baby. That doesn’t match up with her being hankered after by heathen kings. I might not have had the chance to know Sarah personally myself, but I believe that photo above is a much closer depiction of what she actually might have looked like.

And oh what joy it is to know that today, I am called a “daughter of Sarah” (1 Peter 3:6)! That’s what the Bible calls Christian women, if we do what is right and do not give way to fear. I do not need to fear today, because I know that Jesus has paid the price for me and He’s got my back.

And as another year draws to a close, what a wonderful promise it is for me that as God had done for Sarah in renewing and preserving her youth, He can do for me too, even if I may not be perfect and I still make mistakes. And I’ll take that promise.

You can, too. Say yes to grace.

Because when we encounter Jesus, we encounter grace.

*The story of Sarah can be found in Genesis 12, 16-18, 20-21, 23.

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    • J. M. Koh Post author

      Yes you’re right, Sarah was a Jew and an Israelite. Apologies if the photo does not match your visual idea of a young Jewish girl (although it was in fact taken from a publication on females in the Bible), but more importantly the point of the post is to highlight how God literally renewed Sarah’s youth in her old age at 90 such that she even attracted 2 heathen kings, as well as had a baby with Abraham, and how this promise is available for all women in Christ today, who are called “daughters of Sarah”. Shalom.

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