Protection testimonies

Protection on road trip

During a trip to the embassy in Wellington in March 2015 we were protected twice from flying rocks. We were driving with the windows slightly down at highway speeds and as we happened to pass a person mowing on the side of the road a rock chip flew and hit the window but did not come in or strike me. Another instance a medium sized pebble that was flicked up by an oncoming trailer truck flew and struck the centre of the windscreen, making a loud crack but did not break or damage the windscreen in any way. We were listening to Hillsong worship songs at the time and though had a momentary fright were well protected and able to continue our praise and worship. Praise Jesus for divine protection! – J. M. Koh

Protection from accident

I was driving in a tunnel expressway and passing a large 10-wheeler truck directly on the right when suddenly there was a loud explosive noise from the truck. The sound was so loud that I felt the vibrations in the window beside me and I instinctively veered off towards the road shoulder on my left, heart pounding. Thankfully I was able to maintain control of the car despite the shock and there was no car in the lane beside me. As I course-corrected I looked behind in the rear-view mirror and saw smoke coming out from beneath the truck and it pulled over slowly to the road shoulder. Praise Jesus for His divine protection from any accident or injury! – TJ Koh

Protection from accident

We were driving on a busy shopping street when suddenly a taxi cut into our lane, not seeing us in his blind spot. It happened so fast that we had no time to react or sound the horn to warn the taxi. It came so close that we were sure that we would hit, but somehow the lane managed to accommodate both our cars and we slowed enough to let the taxi squeeze past. We were not sure how we managed to avoid an accident, but praise God for His protection. – TJ Koh


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