Miracles and Breakthroughs

Restoration of strength and youth in our dog (May 2016)

Some years ago when our dog was 7 or 8 we started noticing that he was favouring one of his hind legs. It got worse and he started limping around on 3 legs. We took him to the vet, who diagnosed him to be getting old and developing osteoarthritis and joint degeneration. The treatment would need to be a set of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory injections over a number of weeks to start with followed by long term pain management according to his condition. Based on veterinary reports and studies nothing could be done to reverse the process, only to manage it as best as possible.

Following the injections there seemed to be little improvement and the vet suggested that we could wait and think about it further or proceed with more tests. Because there was little more that could be done medically, we decided to wait and pray. We decided to take Holy Communion with our dog and also apply anointing oil onto his leg whenever he was with us. Although it sounds crazy, we decided to do it anyway.

The following months were difficult, as we watched him continue to limp around without visible signs of improvement. The muscles in his leg started to weaken and atrophy due to lack of use. One day as I was anointing him with oil, I remembered a sermon I had heard recently that reminded us that the healing virtue did not lie in us or the oil or our hands, but simply in the name of Jesus. It was He who would do the healing, not us. So before I anointed him I told him “Reiff, I am going to anoint you with the oil. There is no power in the oil, or in my hands. But as I lay my hands on you and speak the name of Jesus, His power will come and heal your leg.” It was as much for his benefit as mine.

Nothing significant happened immediately after that, but gradually over the course of the next few months we noticed that Reiff seemed to be getting better and limping less. And one day he was walking on all fours like he used to. By the end of that very year he was jumping and using the leg like it was never hurting. When I checked his hind legs I could hardly remember which leg had been affected, because the affected  the muscles in the previously affected leg were as strong as the other, if not even bigger and stronger!

It has now been at least 5 years since that incident and miracle. Today, he is as active as ever, walking for hours and running and jumping freely just like a young 3-year-old dog. Praise the Lord for His renewal of strength and youth! I know that if Jesus can do it for a dog, He can do it for anything that matters to us! – J. M. Koh


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