Job and Provision Testimonies

Promotion and consecutive-year increment in job (Jun 2017)

The company that I am working with has not been doing well financially ever since I joined them around two years ago. In spite of the unfavourable company situation, the Lord sees me through and has been faithful in providing for us all this time.

In the first 10 months that I joined the company, despite being new to the company, I was given a promotion to manage a team. This was during the time when the company had to issue a pay freeze to all the employees and subsequently held a retrenchment exercise in ordering to keep business going. Only two persons, myself and another colleague, got promoted among the hundreds of employees, and I even got a good pay increase. The Lord has shown me that regardless of the lack, He always has a way to provide abundantly above all my expectations. God’s grace is always there for me to take and there’s nothing to stop the grace from flowing into my life. Praise Jesus! All glory to Him and Him only.

Around a year later, the Lord blessed me further. I was given a substantial annual pay increase. The portion was even more than the promotion increase that I got in the previous year. This is unheard of in all my career life. The amazing thing was that there was no exceptional performance from the team or any major improvement in the financial situation of the company to justify this. There is also favour with my boss and colleagues, which I know is from the Lord.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of Christ. Knowing what Jesus has done for me and constantly listening to the grace-based sermons has blessed me all this while. Having communion, breaking bread and wine, proclaiming the Lord’s presence in my life have also constantly reminded me of the goodness of God through Jesus’s finished work. It is not about me but all about Him and He never withholds any blessing from me. I can’t help but give thanks to the Lord for His faithfulness and love. Praise Jesus! – TJ Koh

Getting our dream rental house before Christmas, plus a holiday (Dec 2016)

We were in our second rental house and were quite happy staying there. We had intended to extend our lease, but a few months prior to the end of our term we were told that the owner wanted to move back into the house. Although this wasn’t what we wanted to hear, we began looking for another rental property, and expanded our search this time to areas closer to my husband’s workplace. Fortunately, the owner had graciously given us much notice and allowed us to stay until past New Year, although we preferred to settle the move before Christmas.

We visited a number of properties, but didn’t find anything we particularly liked, even though we put in some applications. Then we saw a listing on Trade Me, and we immediately liked the house from the pictures. The first viewing wasn’t until that weekend, but when we rang up the agent we were told that many people had already signed up for the viewing and even applied for the property, and we could only view it at the given time. A greater compounding factor was that the property was listed as ‘No pets’. and we had a dog.  

Nevertheless, we went for the viewing. There were 22 groups at the viewing – the most we had ever encountered. Many were already there before the time even though it was raining. The house was just as the listing and exactly what we wanted. We managed to speak to the agent and surprisingly, the agent seemed okay with us even though we mentioned we had a small dog. This gave us hope and we sent in our application, along with supporting information on our dog.

After a few agonising days, we thought that we had not been selected, as the agent had not called or replied. I felt really disappointed, because we had prayed and confessed favour upon our application. Even as I began looking at new listings, I complained within to God, asking Him how were we going to bring a praise report to our family now. Then, not having anything else to do, I decided to go for my usual walk and plug in to a sermon.

Just as I had put on my earphones and was going to play the sermon, my phone rang. It was my husband, with the amazing news that the owner had decided to rent the house to us! We had been selected over numerous others. We were even able to move in before Christmas just as we had wanted. This was unbelievably good news, and we knew it was all by the grace of God.

On top of this, we were even able to plan and arrange for a holiday over the New Year’s weekend. This was after we had confirmed on the house, as we couldn’t fix any plans prior to this. Amazingly, we managed to book some incredible places for a week’s break, that allowed us to holiday bringing our pet along, at the end of November no less. His grace is simply unbelievable! All praise and glory to Jesus! – J. M. Koh

Permanent job after 9 months of applications (Dec 2015)

After we decided to move to Auckland, I started looking and applying for jobs from where we were in Singapore. I knew from the forums that it was very difficult to secure a job applying from overseas so I started early, about 6 months before our scheduled move. At first, I was very excited to even receive email replies from the companies, but this gradually turned to disappointment as reply after reply came back as polite rejections.

I ramped up my efforts and sent in a video introduction of myself and my skills and experience with my applications, but as the move date came near I still had not even landed an interview, much less a job offer. This was something I had never encountered before in all of my working years. Finally I got an interview just before we were due to fly and my hopes were raised as I met the prospective employer and had a good interview just after we arrived in Auckland. Nonetheless my hopes were dashed just a few days later when I received an email from the manager informing that they had offered the job to someone else.

I redoubled my efforts and thought that things might get more hopeful now that I was in the country, but no more interviews turned up and I started getting desperate as the months ticked by and funds began dwindling. This caused a lot of stress and tension at home. We started questioning God as to whether we had made the right move in coming. Our friends back home and our newfound church friends in Auckland continued to pray for us for a breakthrough, as we did too, but it didn’t feel like anything would change.

The only things that got us through this trying time was continuing to listen to sermons on God’s grace and our righteousness in Christ apart from our performance, and time spent in Bible study. Knowing that Jesus was there with us through it all, not condemning or judging us but encouraging and assuring us, regardless of our doubts, fears and lack of faith, gave me a sense of untold comfort and encouragement. Although we did not listen or read the Bible everyday, those days that we did were better than those that we didn’t.

Sometime in May, almost 3 months after we arrived, we were at a church conference when I received a LinkedIn message from a HR personnel of a company that I had applied to previously, asking me to get in touch. I did, and that led to an interview. Within the week, they asked me back again, and offered me a permanent job with no probation period and a pay that exceeded our expectations! God was so gracious that on the very day marking 3 months of our arrival, we were able to celebrate with a nice dinner giving praise to His goodness and faithfulness. This was not a job that came through any of our connections or our efforts, it was all by the grace and unmerited favour of Jesus! All praise and glory to Jesus! – TJ Koh


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