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Permanent job after 9 months of applications (Dec 2015)

After we decided to move to Auckland I started looking and applying for jobs from where we were in Singapore. I knew from the forums that it was very difficult to secure a job applying from overseas so I started early, about 6 months before our scheduled move. I was very excited to even receive email replies from the companies at first but this gradually turned to disappointment as reply after reply came back as polite rejections.

I ramped up my efforts and sent in a video introduction of myself and my skills and experience with my applications, but as the move date came near I still had not even landed an interview, much less a job offer, something which I had never encountered before in all of my working years. Finally I got an interview just before we were due to fly and my hopes were raised as I met the prospective employer and had a good interview just after we arrived in Auckland. Nonetheless my hopes were dashed just a few days later when I received an email from the manager informing that they had offered the job to someone else.

I redoubled my efforts and thought that things might get more hopeful now that I was in the country, but no more interviews turned up and I started getting desperate as the months ticked by and funds began dwindling. Tensions grew high at home and as the fights got more frequent we started questioning God as to whether we had made the right move in coming. Our friends back home and our newfound church friends in Auckland continued to pray for us for a breakthrough, as we did too, but it didn’t feel like anything would change.

The only things that got us through this trying period was continuing to listen to sermon messages on God’s grace and our righteousness in Christ apart from our performance, and time spent in Bible study. Knowing that Jesus was there with us through it all, not condemning or judging us but encouraging and assuring us, regardless of our doubts, fears and lack of faith, gave me a sense of untold comfort and encouragement. Not that we listened or read the Bible everyday, but those days that we did were better days than those that we didn’t.

Sometime in May, almost 3 months after we arrived, when we were a church conference I received a Linkedmail from a HR personnel of a company that I had applied to previously asking me to get in touch. I did, and that led to an interview. Within the week, they asked me back again, and offered me a permanent job with no probation period and a pay that exceeded our expectations! God was so gracious that on the very day marking 3 months of our arrival, we were able to celebrate with a nice dinner giving praise to His goodness and faithfulness. This was not a job that came through any of our connections or our efforts, it was all by the grace and unmerited favour of Jesus! All praise and glory to Jesus! – TJ Koh


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