Healing Testimonies

Healthier after hearing the gospel of grace (Apr 2016)

I used to be very sickly and go to the doctor a lot. From around the age of 10 I would visit the doctor at least once a month, sometimes even 2-3 times a month, always coming down with the flu, bad sore throat, bronchitis or things like that.

It got worse when I started working; stress from work and other commitments resulted in my suffering severe bouts of sickness which were long drawn. I seemed to be always going on sick leave and taking lots of medicines. There were times when I was so weak that I could barely make it out of bed, much less the house. On one of these occasions I had to go on a work trip and it was a wonder I did not faint by the time I got to the airport. Thankfully my friend and colleague was with me and I made it through the trip.

I wondered if I would always be so sickly and felt very bad towards my then-boyfriend who always had to look after me. I was very afraid of falling sick and would try my best to stay away from people who were ill for fear of getting infected, and would be amazed at my close friend and colleague who was a Christian and did not seem to fear eating with me even when I was sick. I later followed this friend to church and began hearing the good news of grace, about how Jesus has already taken all my sins and sicknesses at the cross and made me completely righteous, healed and whole in Him. Some time after, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

Although I did not specifically ask the Lord to restore my health, I began to see changes as I continued to hear the preaching of the gospel revealing the grace and beauty of Jesus and His finished work. I began taking the Holy Communion regularly, confessing that Jesus’s broken body at the cross has bore all my sicknesses and by His stripes I am healed and made whole, and that His blood has given me perfect righteousness in Him. My health improved and I started feeling younger and stronger.

Even though work became increasingly more challenging with greater load I no longer felt as stressed nor went to the doctor as frequently, and after a couple of years as a Christian I realised that I had only gone to the doctor not more than 2-3 times a year! That was something I did not imagine possible for me. In fact, I have never been severely ill like before again and I cannot remember the last time I fell sick or self-medicated. I am also no longer afraid of getting infected by others and do not get infected easily because I know that Jesus’s overcoming life and health is in me. Praise Jesus for the wonderful saving, redeeming, and restoring power of His grace through the preaching of the good news of His grace! Thank you Jesus! – J. M. Koh 

Healed of bad throat after taking Holy Communion (Apr 2016)

About 2 years ago, I was going on a tour to Israel with my church. Just before we boarded the plane, I started having symptoms of a sore throat coming on. I felt quite worried inside as I had a history of having bad bacterial sore throats requiring antibiotics once the symptoms began (and I had no antibiotics on hand), but didn’t tell my husband.

While on board the flight, I felt an increasing discomfort in swallowing. Then the Holy Spirit prompted me to remember a sermon message where our pastor said to regard the Holy Communion like medicine and take it as often as medicine. Right at that moment the Lord helped me to realise that even though I would take Holy Communion confessing that the bread as Jesus’s body had taken all my pains and sicknesses and the juice as Jesus’s blood had made me righteous and qualified, in my mind I would still see the bread just as bread. Whereas when the doctor gave me antibiotics, I simply took them as instructed trusting without question that the medicine would make me well just as the doctor said, even though my throat might feel worse before getting better. 

So when the flight meals were served I took Holy Communion with the bread and water and regarded the bread just like I regarded the antibiotic, believing simply that it would make me well like the medicine would. I continued taking Holy Communion with bread and water whenever there was a chance, and by the end of the first night in the hotel (before the tour started proper), all the symptoms of throat tightness and pain were GONE! Usually on antibiotics it takes 5-7 days for the bug to be defeated and all symptoms to go away, but GOD’S MEDICINE accelerated the healing process that it only took 1 day! What takes man time to accomplish, God does in super-quick time through Jesus! All praise, honour and glory to JESUS! – J. M. Koh

Healing of neck pain and headache (Dec 2015)

Sometime before Christmas last year I woke up one morning with a bad neck ache. I took it to be a stiff neck from a bad sleeping posture and left it thinking that it would go away like all the other times. The pain persisted and became so severe that it caused a headache as well. It felt like my head was in a constant fog, and I had to avoid turning my head in certain ways so as not to exacerbate the pain. We took Holy Communion and applied anointing oil to the area, but almost two weeks later I was still no better.

Finally we made an appointment to see the doctor the next day and sent a prayer request to our church care group and they sent in their prayers via messaging, declaring that no weapon formed against me shall prosper and that by Jesus’s stripes I was already healed.

The next morning feeling much the same I went about my day. In the afternoon while walking our dog my wife asked me if the pain was still there and I then realised that the pain had gone! I pressed all around the area that had been sore and turned my head here and there and there was no pain at all! It was such a supernatural healing! I went to the doctor’s not really needing anything and he simply said it was nothing serious and prescribed some painkillers. Praise the Lord! – TJ Koh

Healing of pain in body (Dec 2015)

On a trip to Hong Kong I was relaxing on the bed in the hotel when I felt a sharp pain in the side of my body. It was persistent and I was unable to even lie on that side as any pressure would feel painful. I applied anointing oil to the area and tried not to worry about it. The next day whilst in the shower a devotional I read came to my mind, that encouraged speaking out the phrase “I believe I receive” to allow the truth the sink in and faith to rise. I placed on hand on the area and confessed that my body was already healed because Jesus had bore the pain in His stripes on the cross. Even though I didn’t feel anything special, I then repeated saying “I believe I receive” as I continued to place my hand on the area. After a few times I felt that the pain had left and I tried applying gentle pressure on the area, then pressed harder and harder. The pain was miraculously gone! Hallelujah! – J. M. Koh


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