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Lost work item found (Jul 2017)

I was searching at work for an item required for a case that was long outstanding. We had last used the item months ago. My colleague at work who had last handled the item thought she might have accidentally thrown it away. After spending quite a bit of time searching fruitlessly, I prayed to the Lord for restoration. Then my colleague found the item on her table although initially she said she had checked. Praise Jesus for restoration! – TJ Koh

Led to supermarket offer (Jun 2017)

Around lunchtime one week day I had a thought to get some sushi from the corner store some distance from my place, even though I had food at home. I was initially feeling lazy to walk as I had not yet eaten anything that day, but the urge kept nagging at me, so I went. I stopped by the supermarket next to the store just to have a look at some supplements I had been needing to get. To my surprise they were on a substantial offer! I was so happy to get them at a discounted price as they were always on full price previously when I checked. I have no doubt the Lord led me to the offer, even though it was just through something simple like getting lunch. – J. M. Koh

Sheltered from the rain (Mar 2017)

It was one of those rainy days and I was preparing to take my dog out for his morning walk. I said a quick prayer under my breath while getting ready, as I often do on such rainy days, “Lord, let the rain stop so we can go for our walk.” It happened – as it often does – that the skies cleared up shortly after and we went for our walk. When we returned, we just reached the covered deck outside our house when a heavy shower started. There was no indication prior that it was about to rain. This has happened a number of times, that it only started raining after we returned – sometimes shortly after we get into the house, sometimes just as we get under cover. Praise the Lord for keeping us from the rain! I know He watches over us constantly and hears our every prayer. – J. M. Koh

Delivered from bug by the Lord (Apr 2016)

I have a great fear of bugs and creepy crawlies, especially those that can fly. One summer day I was out hanging the laundry when I suddenly heard the loud buzzing of a bug, and glimpsed something like a large cicada, right behind me. Immediately, I ran some distance away even though I hadn’t finished putting on the pegs yet. I couldn’t see the bug because of the hanging laundry, but I didn’t dare to go back to the clothesline, and because I was alone at home I had no one to turn to for help. In desperation, I looked up and asked God, “Lord, what am I going to do? How am I going to finish hanging the laundry?”

Just as I was fretting about what to do, the very next moment I saw a bird fly towards the clothesline, dip intentionally, then fly off to the fence. Feeling amazed, I asked God, “Lord, did You just send a bird to eat that bug for me?” I wasn’t entirely sure because my view was partially blocked and I didn’t see the bird actually getting it, but I knew ordinarily a bird wouldn’t dip in its flight like that. I cautiously went towards the clothesline and checked, and the bug was indeed gone! As a result, I was able to finish hanging the laundry without fear and feeling so loved and protected. The Lord is indeed a very present help in time of need, and He is always with us hearing our every cry! Praise the Lord! – J. M. Koh

Lost key found (Nov 2015)

I was going on a trip overseas and had packed some items in a bag. As the bag did not have a number lock of its own, I used a regular lock to secure the bag. A week before I was due to fly, however, I checked my things for the trip and could not find the key for this bag. I searched everywhere, including the box where I kept all my keys multiple times. Finally I gave up, thinking that I would have to cut open the bag when I arrived to get the items.

On a phone call with family, I mentioned this and they prayed for the restoration of the key. Just a day or two before the trip, I looked in the box again and there was the key! I was very sure it wasn’t there before because I had checked several times. I don’t know how the key got there but I know Jesus restored it! – Agnes G


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