Testimonies are celebratory reports of what God has done for us, the goodness of His grace in our lives. They are accounts of God making the impossible into reality for us.

It could be anything from healing of cancer, a restored item, or something stopping us just before we crossed the road into the path of an oncoming vehicle. All glory is to Him, because we acknowledge that it is beyond our control and ability. And the more we recognise His presence in our lives, the more we find to thank and praise Him for.

Sharing testimonies encourages us and others. It lets others know that what Jesus did for us, He can do for them as well. They also serve as a reminder for us in tough times that if Jesus got us out of that, He can pull us through this too.

Click on the links below to read testimonies under those headings. These are live pages and they will keep growing as more praise reports come in.

Got A Testimony To Share?

If your life has been positively impacted by the gospel of grace, we’d love to hear from you and rejoice with you. You can write to us at emmaushut@gmail.com or share your testimony with others on the Emmaus Hut site using the Add Your Testimony form. We will only publish testimonies and any personal information with your consent.

You can help to spread the hope and encouragement of Jesus’s grace today!



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