Say YES to Grace

Jesus is grace. Grace is Jesus. At the cross, Jesus did for us everything that we could never have done for ourselves. He took everything that was wrong with us – inside and out – and made it right for our sakes. Because He loves us. He loves you. Saying yes to grace is saying yes to receiving all that Jesus has done for you.

If you’d like to say YES to grace and a relationship with Jesus, please say the following prayer out loud from your heart:

“Lord Jesus, thank you for your great love for me. Thank you for bearing my sins and dying in my place on the cross, and for rising on the third day without my sins. Thank you that You have washed me clean by Your blood and I am now a new creation and forever righteous in God’s sight. You are my Lord and Saviour Jesus. Heaven is my home, and God is my Father. Thank you Abba Father that I am Your beloved and blessed child now and forever. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

If you have said the above prayer, congratulations! You are now a beloved child of God and part of His glorious family. We encourage you to get hold of a Bible and get connected with a church that preaches the goodness of Jesus and your inheritance as a child of God today.

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JM and TJ