Our Policy In Bringing Resources To You

What We Want To Do For You

I used to go into Christian bookstores and think, which book should I read?

I would browse the aisles for ages, picking out books whose author’s names rang a bell or that were on topics I wanted, and trying to make a choice based on how good the synopsis on the back sounded or how impressive the cover looked.

At first, I didn’t think it really mattered which I picked, since they were all by Christian authors for Christians.

Then I read books that told me what I was supposed to be doing as a Christian, and books that pointed me back to Jesus and the truth of His finished work for me. There were books that told me more about the problem and why I was having it than the solution (beyond urging me to try harder), and books that told me what I had as a Christian and how to use it to overcome my problems. Some books spoke less about the Bible and more about the author’s own experiences and opinions. And then there were books that revealed the Bible and reminded me of His goodness and grace. 

I know which books left me feeling largely unchanged, and which books lifted me up in hope to the real solution and realigned my thinking with God’s Word. Which books told me to pray and trust more, and which books made me want to pray and trust more.

It is not our intention to discredit or disparage other Christian authors here, because we believe their heart is the same in wanting to help people.

We simply want to recommend books that made a profound difference to our lives and many others’, that we know can do the same for you.

This is what we want to do – for you.

Your Go-To Place For Grace-Based Books To Live A Grace-Filled Life

Here at Emmaus Hut, we’re all about seeing lives transformed as a result of encountering Jesus and His grace.

We want to help open your eyes to more than just learning to cope with stuff through God’s peace and comfort. More than just having a “good” life contented with moderate victories in some areas and accepting issues remaining in other areas.

Our desire is to see precious people fully embracing and enjoying the abundant life Jesus came to give you and me. A life that, regardless of whatever is going on around, overflows with joy unspeakable, peace unshakable, and hope unceasing. A life that abounds with and testifies to the glory of His unending goodness and grace.

And so the books we recommend and offer to our readers are grace-based and gospel-focused. They are centred on what Jesus has done for you and what you possess as a believer in Christ. Above all, they reveal who Jesus really is and His heart of grace and love for you – based on the solid foundation of Scripture and rightly dividing the Word. 

It is our sincere belief that the more you see of Jesus and His goodness and grace through His finished work for you, the more you will experience lasting victory over all your fears, challenges and destructive habits, and live a confident and abundant life of rest and faith that glorifies Him. 

Because right believing will lead to right living. And right believing begins with right feeding. 

We are passionate about making Emmaus Hut your go-to place for grace-based books, at the best price for you. Browse our selection here.

If you’re more of a watcher than a reader…

Maybe flipping pages of words isn’t really your thing. Never fear! We are also passionate about making Emmaus Hut your go-to place for grace-based DVDs and CDs.

For those of you who prefer to watch (or listen), you can check out our DVD collection – there’s a CD album in there too!

Some other things you need to know…

We’ve started with a shorter list of authors because we personally like to know who we are recommending. For most of the authors we’ve read at least one or more of their books, or otherwise read or watched their teachings or material relating to their personal experience.

Beyond pointing people to teachings on what grace and the gospel is, we want even more to simply lead people to grace and let grace teach them.

The authors listed have been selected to reflect the above aim, as they represent those whose material have had greatest impact on our lives and many others’. Nonetheless, there are many more grace-based authors out there (yup, books we haven’t yet read!) that we have yet to discover, so this list may grow in time.

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