Only Jesus Brings Rest That Lasts

If one were to be absolutely honest, a natural thought one would have would be that it seems awfully limited and restrictive to have only one sensible choice.

After all, inclusiveness, tolerance, and freedom of choice are the buzzwords and catchphrases of today. Everyone should have the freedom to live life the way they want to, the way that suits them.

I always loved having more options in my hand. When it was time to choose subjects in school, I would always go with the combination that allowed me the greatest number of options in advancing later on, not really knowing what course I wanted to take yet.

But that’s precisely why I wanted to keep my options and choices open – because I wasn’t yet sure which path was the right one for me to take.

When we are sure and firm on a path we want and know is the right one, all choices whittle away pretty quickly to that one, and all decisions accordingly stand out clearly to lead to that choice.

A child who loves his pet and decides at age 5 that he wants to be a vet when he grows up will do everything necessary to get into that course. Women who have found the ultimate skincare product that preserves their youthful looks will use nothing else. A man who has set his heart on a woman he loves will stop at nothing to win her hand.

When we have found the best, the one that outstrips all the rest, there really is only one choice, and one path.

When God sets Jesus before us as His choice and His best, and when Christians testify to family and friends about Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life, it’s because He is the best, the One that surpasses and outstrips all other choices and paths.  

We know, without having to exhaust and explore in depth all other paths, because all other paths and systems invariably put the focus on man, on what we do and how we behave. Unfortunately, even many churches today teach and masquerade man-centred religion as Christianity.

If you happen to be in a church which consistently tends to put the focus back on what you have to do and how to live holy and be a good example as a Christian and you’re struggling to see growth and breakthrough in your life, it may well be better for you to find another church which preaches strongly on Jesus and His finished work for you. Or simply rediscover afresh the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Because only the Good News of Jesus – which has to be the core and essence of the church – puts the focus away from man and on Himself, the Saviour.

It is so vitally important to believe this and to refocus our mind in this vein because it is the only path that brings lasting rest and security. After all, that’s why God designed it.

No system of man, whether involving religious or spiritual beliefs or not, can ever bring lasting rest or security because the burden always lies on man’s works and how good we perform. There’s never a guarantee of success or reaching the goal, and we never know just how good is good enough.

Besides, even if we per se actually were positively saintly, abounding in benevolent and philanthropic works, and leading a good clean life in both public and private, it would still fall far short of God’s standards for eternal life and heaven.

Because God, being holy, requires nothing short of absolute perfection and holiness in every thought, word, and deed, something only He would be fully cognizant of for each of us.

Plus, we are already disqualified from birth by sin in our blood. No amount of our own penance and self-punishment and shedding of our own blood will cut it (no pun intended).

Only God Himself can ever be good enough to qualify for His own standards. That’s why only Jesus, God as Man, is good enough to qualify. 

Because being born of a virgin, no blood from a natural man came into Jesus when He was conceived by the Holy Spirit as a baby, and no blood from Mary mingled with His while He was in her womb (as medical science proves today), so the only blood He carried is the sinless and spotless blood of God His Father. 

Because being God, He is absolutely pure, sinless and faultless, and more than that also impeccably holy and perfect, one drop of His sinless blood is sufficient to clear all the sins, for all people, for all time. From the worst and most heinous transgression to the most casual and even accidental misstep – with perfection to spare. 

Because being God, He is outside and beyond time, ALL the sins of our entire life – past, present, and future – were included in His one act of atonement. In fact, it covers all the people who ever lived, beginning from Adam to the very last baby who would be born at the end of age.

Just a single drop was enough. But God, being a lavish and abundant God of grace, poured out His blood in His Son Jesus fully and completely, to the uttermost, in Jesus’s suffering of the scourging and the cross for us.

And because Jesus is outside time and lives after the power of an endless life, His perfect righteous standing is permanently ours forever once we are in Him.

God made Jesus to become sin that we might become the righteousness of God in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:21). And God has made all who believe in Jesus forever accepted in the Beloved Son (Ephesians 1:6). 

He overpaid our debt exceedingly and beyond measure to erase every doubt that we might ever have of not being good enough.

He became our representative to God and gave us His standing forever so that we would forever be assured of perfect standing before a holy God.

There is only one choice, and one path, that brings lasting rest. And it’s a natural choice, once you see it for what it is. It is Jesus.

Because when you encounter Jesus, you encounter grace.

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