On the Road to Emmaus

Jesus Emmaus

Two people walking. Discussing recent distressing events.

This scenario could be played out anywhere in the world, at any given time.

“Did you hear about the bombing in Paris? It’s terrible, you never know where those terrorists might strike next.”

“Another typhoon in the Philippines! Those people just barely finished rebuilding from the last one. What a disaster!”

“Can you believe that guy killed his wife and baby and then shot himself? He must have lost his mind.”

Except this was a different time, a different place, a different conversation. Two followers discussing the public torture and killing of an innocent Man, a Man they held to be Teacher and Lord, and the subsequent disappearance of His body from the tomb.

The crucifixion of Jesus and His disappearance from the grave three days after.

The two spoke of “the things concerning Jesus of Nazareth”, things they struggled to accept and things which they did not understand.

Yet in the midst of their struggle and non-understanding, Jesus Himself drew near and He walked with them. They didn’t know it was Him though. At least, not yet. He smiled and marvelled at their forgetfulness and lack of trust like a forgiving friend, and He proceeded to remind them of the things written concerning Himself, and to open up their understanding.

He would’ve covered the entire Bible, if not for the fact that they reached their destination of Emmaus and they persuaded Him to go to their house there.*

In a sense, we are all on an Emmaus road journey. We might be on a journey with Jesus, on a journey to find out more about faith and God and if He exists or who He is, or just on our journey of life trying to make sense of things happening around us.

It’s an amazing thought that Jesus doesn’t wait for us to have a full handle on things before He comes along with us. When we talk about things concerning Jesus, or involve Him in whatever discussion or situation, He Himself will draw near (note: He doesn’t send an Angel) and He will open up our understanding. What’s even more amazing is that He doesn’t need us to know that it’s Him. He will just do it for us, because He can, and because He wants to. He loves us. Simple as that.

In this space, we will talk about things concerning Jesus, about things and involve Jesus, and share a bit of our own ongoing Emmaus road journey. If you have found us, welcome and happy to have you along to share this Emmaus road experience with us.

And even if we don’t necessarily understand everything, or have it all together, we will trust that in the midst of it Jesus Himself will draw near, and He will bring light into our darkness, and grace into our stress or distress.

Because when we encounter Jesus, we encounter grace.


*The Bible account of the Emmaus road journey is recorded in Luke 24:13-35.

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