Studies in Grace

Righteousness in Christ is a foreign concept to most, if not all, of us. We think we have a pretty good idea of what righteousness is. After all, we see it in movies and on TV. It’s upholding friendship, loyalty, and honour. It’s the skilled martial arts master putting down […]

In Christ, Righteousness Is Who You Are, Not What You ...

Have you ever found out someone is a Christian and thought to yourself, I can’t believe he/she’s a Christian? My guess is that person was probably not exhibiting the necessary “Christian graces” that you’d expect. Perhaps they were bad-mouthing people or letting slip vulgarities from their sanctified lips. Or they […]

Find Grace and Strength To Do, Even As You Hear

The most powerful word in marriage is not “love”. It isn’t even “sorry”. No, the single most powerful word in marriage is: “OK”. The word “OK”¬†originated in 1839 as an American abbreviation of oll korrect, a joke misspelling of all correct. It signifies something as being acceptable, and is generally […]

The Most Powerful Word in Marriage