Grace in Marriage

“We’ve had this conversation before.” I pressed my lips in frustration and stared balefully at my husband, who looked helplessly back in silence as always. It didn’t take long before the unhappiness bubbling within spilled over into the usual barrage and tirade against my passive spouse. I felt justified in my […]

How To Say “Sorry” With Grace

The most powerful word in marriage is not “love”. It isn’t even “sorry”. No, the single most powerful word in marriage is: “OK”. The word “OK” originated in 1839 as an American abbreviation of oll korrect, a joke misspelling of all correct. It signifies something as being acceptable, and is generally […]

The Most Powerful Word in Marriage

At some point in her life, every Christian woman gets to know about the Proverbs 31 woman. I first got to know the passage during our pre-marital workshop, and to be honest it gave me the willies and made me quite uncomfortable, because the standards seemed so high. Now, years later, […]

The Secret of the Proverbs 31 Woman Every Wife Needs ...