At some point in her life, every Christian woman gets to know about the Proverbs 31 woman. I first got to know the passage during our pre-marital workshop, and to be honest it gave me the willies and made me quite uncomfortable, because the standards seemed so high. Now, years later, […]

The Secret of the Proverbs 31 Woman Every Wife Needs ...

A look can say a lot. I once attended a workshop with my husband TJ as separate individuals, and another participant, catching the look I gave to TJ from across the room and his response, came to ask me, “Is that your husband?” Looks can be very telling, and powerful. And […]

A Look that Changes Your Life

We all want our life to be perfect. Or if not perfect, at least above-average. And smooth-sailing. We want to have a good education, get a good job, marry a good dependable husband or a sweet beautiful wife, and live happily ever after in a picture perfect house with a cute […]

When You Feel Like You Can’t Go On Any Further