Emmaus Hut


The word ‘Emmaus’ means warm baths.

Emmaus Hut is a place to rest and soak your weary feet, wash off the dust from outside and let the warm bath of grace refresh, encourage and restore your soul.

Jesus is grace. And grace is Jesus. If you have experienced the burdens of religion (whether in church or otherwise), the craziness of day-to-day demands, or just happen to be browsing and looking for hope and encouragement, we invite you to encounter Jesus afresh with us in these pages, as the disciples did on the road to Emmaus.

We don’t have it all together. Heavens, no (in fact, I almost wrote an opposite word there). But we know the One who holds all things together, and He knows us. And that’s what matters.

As we share a bit of our journey and our revelations on grace, we hope our story will touch your own journey and life. And that it will help you to say YES to grace.