Emmaus Hut


How It Started 

Back in 2010, we heard a message by Ps Joseph Prince titled ‘Receive Restoration As You Walk With Jesus’.

It was about the Emmaus road account in Luke 24, how Jesus more than restored what happened through the fall in the Garden of Eden, how to build unity in marriage, and the significance of the Holy Communion. 

It struck powerful chord with us. You might say a life-changing one. That was when the idea of Emmaus Hut was born.

At the time, a lot of our talk revolved around visions and dreams, but our core ideal remained unchanged. We wanted others to also have an ‘Emmaus road experience’ through encountering Jesus and His grace. The seed was sown. 

And so 5 years down the road, we found ourselves in a new country, starting a new venture that, though not quite what we initially envisioned, nonetheless keeps to our key intent.  

What We Want To Do At Emmaus Hut

The word ‘Emmaus’ means warm baths or hot springs.

We set up Emmaus Hut to be a place for you to rest and soak your weary feet, wash off the dust from outside and let the warm bath of grace refresh, encourage and restore your soul.

Jesus is grace. And grace is Jesus. If you have experienced the burdens of religion (whether in church or otherwise), the craziness of day-to-day demands, or just happen to be browsing and looking for hope and encouragement, we invite you to encounter Jesus afresh with us in these pages, as the disciples did on the road to Emmaus.

We don’t have it all together. Most definitely not. But we know the One who holds all things together, and He knows us. And that’s what matters.

On that 7-mile journey, Jesus lifted their spirits and warmed their hearts by opening their understanding to the revelations of Himself in the Bible. This is what we hope to do for you too, be it in our posts or through the resources we offer. 

And as we share a bit of our journey and our revelations on grace, we hope our story will touch your own journey and life. And that it will help you to say YES to grace.

Emmaus Hut – Your Go-To Place For Grace-Based Resources

We want Emmaus Hut to be more than just a blog site. A single word from God can change your life forever. When that word is filled with the saving power of the gospel of grace in Jesus Christ, it will surely change your life for the better.

It has always been our heart’s desire, since the time when we were serving in the resource ministry in church, to sow grace seeds into people’s lives. Because where a post can only introduce, a dedicated resource can go beyond to lead you to a deeper revelation and greater transformation. 

We have heard and seen the impact resources – be it a book, a DVD, a CD, an MP3 – have had on people. Lives turned around. Marriages and families restored. Sicknesses and diseases healed. Addictions and oppression broken. Miracles of protection, provision, and promotion received. And it all starts with what you hear and believe on the inside. 

We don’t want to offer resources just to sell some things. This is why we only recommend books, DVDs and CDs that we personally know are grace-based and Jesus-focused. Because we truly believe that these are the resources that will make a real positive change to your life – as they have done for us, and many others. 

For when Jesus takes centre place in every area of your life, everything else clicks and begins to flow. Not trying to do more things for Him. But simply lifting up who He is and all He has done.

And so we pray and believe that as you encounter Jesus and the stories of others in these resources, you will experience greater and greater results in your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical life.