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What We Do At Emmaus Grace Store

Emmaus Grace Store is committed to bringing you grace-based Christian resources that are all about what Jesus has done for you and how you can experience true and lasting victory in your life in the light of His perfect finished work. We carefully select resources centred on revealing Jesus and His gospel that we believe will bring real positive change to your life. 

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Why Emmaus Grace Store?

So much of what we read or hear about Christianity or Jesus today puts the focus on us and what we have to do. The name and person of Jesus is not even mentioned or talked about much many a times.

It is when Jesus takes centre place – be it in your church or in your life – that everything else clicks and begins to flow. No, not working and doing things for Him. But simply talking about, lifting up and extolling Him – who He is and all He has done. After all, that’s what we do for anything we’re madly in love with – a new baby, a new love. 

God simply delights in Jesus. Jesus pleases God like no one else can, because He has never failed and He never fails Him. When we accept Jesus, God puts us permanently in Jesus, and sees us forever as He sees Jesus. We bring untold joy to God when we talk to Him about Jesus. Jesus is what God wants us to focus and feed on.

It is thus in our every interest to read and study about Jesus. Not only does it delight and bless God; it also impacts and prospers us in every area of our life.

Our goal at Emmaus Hut is to show you more of Jesus and the Good News that He brings. But where a post can only introduce, we believe that a dedicated resource can go beyond to lead you to a deeper revelation and greater transformation.