We’re Bringing You More Grace-Based Resources At Better Prices


We’re changing the way we do things at Emmaus Hut. This is so that we can bring you more grace-based resources at better prices.

It has always been our heart’s desire, since the time when we were serving in the resource ministry in church, to sow grace seeds into people’s lives. It is why we moved countries and started Emmaus Hut. So that the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the gospel of grace and peace, can reach all corners of the earth.

We have heard and seen the impact resources – be it a book, a DVD, a CD, an MP3 – have had on people. In the Bible, the word of God is likened to a seed. Jesus used this imagery often in His parables, most notably in the parable of the sower. The apostle Peter describes the word of God as the “incorruptible seed…which lives,…abides…and endures forever” (1 Peter 1:23-25). 

A single word from God can change your life forever. When that word is filled with the saving power of the gospel of grace in Jesus Christ, it will surely change your life for the better. 

It may not happen right away. But like a seed sown and planted, it will quietly grow, and one day before you know it, become a strong and fruitful tree.

That’s the awesome power of God through the gospel of Jesus Christ to save through simple faith, in all areas of life – beginning with renewing our mind in line with God’s word, to health, family, all provision, and right living.

So we’re passionate about making Emmaus Hut your go-to place for grace-based resources. To offer you a wider selection of grace-based books at better prices, we now bring you books through Book Depository, which has great prices in multiple currencies and delivers free worldwide. (You can read about our policy in recommending books and the terms when you purchase resources through or from our website.)

Our new Books page lists recommended authors whose books and teachings have helped us immensely in our own journey, and we believe will help anyone wanting to live a victorious and grace-filled life. 

Why Grace-Based Resources? 

So much of what we read or hear about Christianity or Jesus today puts the focus on us and what we have to do. When we really need to be hearing about who Jesus is and what He has done for us. 

God simply delights in Jesus. Jesus pleases God like no one else can, and God puts us permanently in Jesus when we accept Him. Jesus is what God wants us to focus and feed on, and we bring untold joy to God when we talk to Him about Jesus.

It is thus in our every interest to read and study about Jesus. Not so much finding out how we can do things for Him and follow Him, but simply talking about Him and lifting up who He is and all He has done. Not only does it delight and bless God; it is when Jesus takes centre place in every area of our life – that everything else clicks and begins to flow. 

Our goal at Emmaus Hut is to show you more of Jesus and the Good News that He brings. But where a post can only introduce, we believe that a dedicated resource can go beyond to lead you to a deeper revelation and greater transformation.

Learn To Live the Let-Go Life 

This month’s exciting new release is Ps Joseph Prince’s new book Live The Let-Go Life. Packed with Bible truths on how to let go of worries and stress and enter into the blessed rest that of has already provided you in Christ, it’s a much needed book for the times we live in, where we are constantly bombarded with daily demands of a hectic life and the ensnaring distractions of social media.

You can order the book here (hardback version), or by clicking on the banner above.

When we talk about a “let-go” life, we are really talking about a “letting God” life. Truth is, God can only have free rein to lavish and work His all-powerful grace in our situations when we let go of trying to work things out ourselves, whether by our smarts or sometimes even through our desperate prayers trying to plead or bargain with Him.

God wants us to come to the place of rest, where we simply entrust our situations, cares and problems wholly to Him, knowing that He will fully take care of it for us, and turn it for our good. Because He will. God is always for you, and not against you (Romans 8:31).

Letting Go Becomes Easy When We Know Who God Is

Most of the time, we find it hard to and don’t end up letting go because we don’t fully trust that He will help us, and help us totally. Something I read by Ps Nerida Walker recently really opened my eyes concerning this: It is when we know the One who has promised and provided, that believing and trusting Him becomes simple.

Sometimes, we are so caught up with getting the answers to our problems and situations that that’s what we focus on, even when we come to Him in prayer or in reading His word. We thumb through the Bible trying to find His promises for our situation, without realising we’re missing Him, the One who promised. And we find our faith wavering as stuff happens and doubts enter our mind.

So how do we get to know Him? The same way we get to know anyone: build a relationship with Him. 3 simple ways to help us do this:

1. Start talking to Him. A conversation is usually how we start to get to know someone, and God is no different. Just talk to Him like you would a friend – Jesus calls us His friends and brothers. And as you start talking to Him, you can be sure He will answer. 

2. Read His word. The Bible is God’s love letter to us on this side of heaven, telling us who He is, what He has done for us, and what we have today in Christ. God can also often speak to us through His word. Our relationship with God has to be based on His word rather than the experiences we’ve had – this cannot be emphasised enough. Reading His word – through the light of Christ’s finished work – is the best way of knowing who God is. Grace-based resources help to show us how to read God’s word in this way to rightly divide the Word. 

3. Pray in the Spirit. When we receive Jesus, we also receive His Holy Spirit, who comes to live in us. The first gift given to the believers in the days of the early church was the gift of praying in the Spirit – and everyone who received Jesus got it (see Acts). So it is for every believer today – the gift of praying in the Spirit is available to you. Just ask God for it, open your mouth, and speak as the Spirit gives you utterance. The benefits of praying in the Spirit are immense. Just to list a few, they include being more spiritually sensitive to God’s leading, God talking to you, and understanding God’s word, effectively praying the perfect prayer (as it is Him who prays), neutralising worries, and repairing your body.    

Don’t stress or feel bad if you may have missed out on connecting with Him for a season, or even for a day.

Jesus is the perfect friend and lover of your soul – He never holds it against you. He’s always smiling at you, available and ready when you are. And it’s our prayer that you will find out more about Him through these posts and grace-based resources. 

Because when you encounter Jesus, you encounter grace.

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