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Joseph Prince 

Pastor Joseph Prince has been the single most important spiritual influence in our lives. Through his messages and teachings, he pointed us to Jesus, which led to our lives being completely turned around from one of guilt, condemnation and averageness to a life filled with peace, rest and purpose in Christ. He is internationally known as a leading voice in preaching the gospel of grace and bringing Jesus back into the church. The senior pastor of New Creation Church in Singapore and a pastor to pastors, he was once a stutterer in high school, until God perfected His strength in his weakness and used him to preach the gospel mightily.

Once bound in legalism to the extent that he was constantly confessing practically every sin from exaggeration to worrying in his zeal to be right with God, he was set free when God revealed to him the truth of righteousness by faith and that the gospel was all about grace revealed in Jesus. He has been preaching these truths strongly and revealing Jesus throughout the Bible for over 20 years. His messages simply reveal Jesus in the Bible, and have led millions of people around the world to rediscover the gospel, be set free from oppression and addictions, and fall in love with Jesus, living lives that glorify Him as well as testify to His goodness and grace.  

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Judah Smith

We first came across Judah Smith when we read his book Jesus Is ___.  His wickedly humorous and candidly self-deprecating style easily draws you in while at the same time effectively communicates doctrinal truths in a simple and relatable manner. He pastors Seattle’s City Church with his wife Chelsea, and is perhaps most famously known for being Justin Bieber’s pastor. His books points people to the one true source of rest, fulfillment and enjoyment – the God named Jesus – and shows how loving God and others comes through knowing just how much God loves you.

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Joel Osteen

In Judah Smith’s words, Pastor Joel Osteen of Houston’s Lakewood Church is ‘the single most Christlike person’ he’s ever spent time with, and that his wife and kids can attest that he’s ‘like that all the time’. Known as the ‘smiling preacher’, his ever-present trademark smile can be seen on all his books and in every sermon he preaches. If you have ever listened to his sermons, reading his books are like hearing him speak through the pages. His books often leave you not just smiling along, but also with an uplifting sense of hope and joy. He has a strong ministry in instilling in people a deep trust in God’s goodness, and His good plans and promises for their lives.

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Louie Giglio

Pastor Louie Giglio of Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia has a knack of making God look so big it simply dwarfs any problems or challenges you may be facing. An avid science fan, he brings God and science together without compromise to one or the other in his well-known Indescribable series, that discovers in breathtaking manner the wonders of the universe and just how awesome and unmissable the God who created all of that is.

He is a superb communicator and often breaks down Scripture line by line in his sermons to reveal the truths about Jesus and the saving power of His grace. He is also the pastor of Christian worship singer Chris Tomlin, whose worship songs like How Great Is Our God, Indescribable and I Lift My Hands have featured in or been inspired by some of his sermons, and are widely sung in churches today. 

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*If you’d like a taste of listening to Pastor Louie Giglio, many of his sermons can be found on YouTube; however we do encourage supporting a ministry such as his that reveals Jesus and blesses so many, through purchase of his resources.  


Nerida Walker 

Nerida Walker is an Aussie preacher who is the pastor and founder of New Life Ministries. Her personal story and testimony of being a mother of 4 miracle children – when it was diagnosed medically impossible – formed the basis of her starting her ministry. As such, her ministry is primarily focused on helping couples overcome challenges in all areas of childbearing. Nonetheless, her foundational teaching is invaluable for anyone wanting to receive a breakthrough from God in any area. She powerfully reveals through Scripture how God is always good, how His blessings and promises are irreversible, and the simplicity of faith and receiving everything that God has already provided through Jesus at the cross.

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Tim Kimmel

Dr Tim Kimmel is known as the author of Grace-Based Parenting and other books on growing strong family relationships. He and his wife Darcy have been married for over 40 years and raised 4 adult children, and are now grandparents, so he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

What sets him apart from other authors on family relationships is his focus on grace as the foundation. To him, grace understood in Jesus and His finished work is the essential ingredient in any healthy relationship. His writing packs practical pointers upon grace as the central basis. With a daughter named Karis (derived from the Greek word for ‘grace’), it is clear he wants grace to feature powerfully in his family too. Apart from penning books on raising kids, he has also written a much needed book for couples, Grace-Filled Marriage.

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John Bunyan

Think grace is a ‘new movement’? Think again. Grace is as old as the gospel, for it is the gospel. It has been rediscovered over the years, in the Reformation, and by renowned Christians like John Bunyan and Charles Spurgeon.

John Bunyan, who lived in the 17th century, is best known for writing the Christian allegory The Pilgrim’s Progress. Published in 1678, it is the best-selling novel of all time, translated into 200 languages and never out of print. It is also regarded as one of the most important works of Christian literature, depicting the walk of a Christian. In addition, John Bunyan also wrote Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners, a spiritual autobiography on his grace discovery.

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