About Us

The one on the keys

J. M. Koh is the writer and editor of Emmaus Hut. She spent many years under God’s grace unknowingly as a vocal agnostic and the last 7 years (and counting!) happily under His grace and love as a child of God, the disciple whom Jesus loves, and a daughter of Sarah being transformed from faith to faith, glory to glory.

Today, she is blessedly living in Christ and writing and speaking for Christ. She passionately believes that when people meet the real Jesus and the Good News that He brings, their lives will be so changed that they will want others to know Him too.

The one who keeps things going

TJ Koh is J. M.’s admirable husband, her greatest supporter, encourager, and grace gift from God (after Jesus). He is also her most loyal fan and critic, the one who beta-tests and vets everything, who comes up with (most of) the ideas, and who oils the wheels in the household.

Wonderfully saved and transformed by God’s grace, he sees himself as the disciple whom Jesus loves and serves tirelessly wherever he can. He also keeps brilliantly at his day job, which consequently enables the ministry of Emmaus Hut to go on. 

Why we do what we do…and what we get up to at other times


Our heart is to see others’ lives gloriously and forever set free by the pure and unadulterated grace of Jesus and His happy gospel, just as our own lives have been. Though we still have our days, we find that by the grace of God every struggle is an upwards struggle, and things always only get better and better.

We live in Auckland, hailing originally from Singapore. Many a weekend and break is spent enjoying and exploring this beautiful land of the long white cloud with Reiff, our rambunctious and lovable mutt who at 14 still thinks he’s a 3-year-old. When we are feeling a little less adventurous and a tad more sedentary, we enjoy hunting down or whipping up good food, watching animated movies and sitting down to a good game over chips and dip.